Parting Shots: Fill-In-Your-Age Forms

Whenever I am presented with a fill-in-your-age form on a website, I always go for the maximum age possible. If that baby bottoms out at 1900 (as most of them do) then I become a youthful 112-year-old. More than me simply being annoyed at the whole process, I look at it as an opportunity to skew their demographic gathering service so that they have at least one SERIOUS geriatric fan. If people fake their age on LEGAL DOCUMENTS, what makes the site admin think that people are forthcoming with their Internet age?

Is there a legal obligation requiring sites to perform this perfunctory check? Lets be serious, by-and-large, video games, movies and music sites don’t really have graphic images or descriptions on them. Nothing that isn’t already available on T.V., in teen-centric magazines or that they haven’t already seen EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET.

So please, save yourselves a splash page and allow me to reclaim the 5 seconds I drop into my “Wasted Time Bucket”. All of us can get back to our lives and no one will miss giving their age away.


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About Capmcam

An English major following the fad of sarcasm and the passion of video games and film. Witness a few of his waking moments by following him on Twitter @capmcam.

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