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Words with Pictures: Thanks Shpotify!

Thanks Spotify

An hour-long track without plug/commercials. I’LL TAKE THAT.


Words with Pictures: Mayancraft Apocalypse

Mayancraft Apocalypse

New World Plus

Let’s be serious. The world ends ALL THE TIME! What do you think happens when you sleep? Every time you fall asleep, the world descends into the void only to be recreated when you wake. How does it feel, Destroyer of Worlds?

Words with Pictures: This Is What’s Wrong with Bing

This is with a moderate “SafeSearch” setting.

Let’s be serious. I am the opposite of squeamish and I have a healthy collection of porn. These results have nothing do to with my search criteria and there is no reason to embed them in a “Web” search. In this case, I guess “web” means ALL OF THE FILTHIEST PLACES THAT DON’T CHARGE.

Words with Pictures: mApple

Did you need a map to find this?

A lot of fuss over mapping solutions, granted it wasn’t fully baked for debut. If you don’t like something go with what works or with what you… like. What’s the BFD?

Words with Pictures: iTunes Hog

This is not what I would call a “feature”.

Here’s to iTunes 11 and memory leak, bug squashing.

Words with Pictures: Throwing Signs


Inappropriate Alfred is inappropriate.